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2016 at a glance

BY KATHY FOLEY — A glance back at 2016. Enjoy! Read More.


Outrigger Guam Beach Resort is caring for the community

BY MICHAEL JUCO — The I’Kabeisyu (Leaders) committee led the way in collecting over 200 food items to fight hunger for those in need.  The efforts of their Caring for Our Community project was awarded with a certificate of appreciation … Read More.

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Christmas comes early for Outrigger Fiji’s local community

BY DONNA PARKIN — The Fijian people were the big winners over a memorable weekend of celebrations in perfect weather at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Read More.

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China ready!

BY SILVIA COLLEPARDI – Ready, set, go! Our hosts at Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort are ready and eager to welcome all future and returning Chinese guests.  Read More.

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Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort hosts participate in annual fire drill and training

BY SIRIKARN AUD-NHUNPHAN — According to the Ministry regarding safety in the workplace, 40 percent of hosts are obligated to have fire training and 60 percent need to be trained in evacuation every year; therefore, we invited experts from the … Read More.

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Castaway Island, Fiji Resort, the celebration continues

BY DONNA PARKIN — As Dr. Richard Kelley shared in last week’s Saturday Briefing, one of his ‘favorites’ in Outrigger’s portfolio of 37 properties is celebrating its golden anniversary of providing signature hospitality to its guests. Read More.

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Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort and Hotelbeds Thailand Ltd. join forces and “Share4Change”

BY SUKANYA SOMPHAN – On Nov. 18, Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort organized a school restoration project with valued partner, Hotelbeds Thailand Ltd. The project took place at Baan Khok Wat Mai School, Thalang, as part of the Outrigger Share4Change initiative.  Read More.

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One of my ‘favorites’

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — I’ve often been asked which of the 37 properties in our Outrigger portfolio is my favorite. My response is always, “Well, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio? Each is excellent … Read More.

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Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort managers retreat at Hookuaaina – Loi Farm

BY LUANA MAITLAND — Our community outreach project at Hookuaaina has been in the making since the beginning of the year. We’ve had a busy one with the rebranding initiative for the Waikiki beachfront resorts, the launch of the Voyager 47 … Read More.

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Caring for our Chinese Guests

BY INGRID SALMON — The China market is one of Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort’s best with the numbers of guests increasing on a daily basis. For that very reason, training on Caring for our Chinese Guests was held Oct. 21 … Read More.

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