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Chuck Shishido retires

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — This week, Chuck Shishido felt he had hit the jackpot, surprised by a gathering of many co-workers to celebrate his 42+ years with Outrigger. The OHANA Waikiki East Hotel was the scene of a luncheon … Read More.

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Helping restore Waikiki’s Hawaiian music tradition

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — Music and rhythm are essential elements of Pacific island culture, particularly in Hawaii. This is why I have been so pleased to watch the success of the Kani Ka Pila Grille at Outrigger Reef Waikiki … Read More.

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OZONE (Outrigger’s Zone) goes deep

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — This week, members of the Outrigger ‘ohana from Honolulu to Guam to Fiji to Mauritius joined together in launching OZONE – Outrigger’s ZONE – a global conservation initiative designed to strengthen coral health and resiliency … Read More.

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June 6, 1944 – What have we learned?

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — The date on this issue of Saturday Briefing is June 6. This may have little significance to the millennial generation, but for me this date inevitably brings back boyhood memories and prompts serious reflection about … Read More.

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Mildred Courtney celebrates 60 years of service!

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — For my friend and colleague Mildred Courtney, yesterday, May 29, 2015, marked the completion of 60 years as a member of the Outrigger ‘ohana! In this hectic, fast-paced world, a 60th career anniversary is almost … Read More.

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Dr. Jim Barahal honored

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — Over my lifetime I have met, been friends with, and worked with many wonderful people, from family members and friends to teachers and service providers. One of those whom I have always admired greatly is … Read More.

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Estelle Louise Kelley Scholarships help KCC students pursue dreams

BY DR. CHUCK KELLEY AND DR. RICHARD KELLEY — The Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) Hospitality & Tourism Education Department held its 10th Annual Scholarships and Awards Banquet last week and, as is usually the case, the highlight of the event … Read More.

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Disruption and reinvention

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — Bitsy Kelley and I recently traveled to Spain to attend the World Travel & Tourism Council’s annual Global Summit, which was held this year in Madrid. Each of these summits raises awareness of the global … Read More.


Our wonderful, talented, loyal sales team

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — Last Monday, my wife Linda and I had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with members of our sales and reservations team when they came together in Colorado to learn and exchange ideas at our Global … Read More.

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Getting dirt under our fingernails to demonstrate Tourism’s benefits

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — While the global Travel & Tourism industry is typically perceived positively, it is not always seen in a flattering light, particularly in political campaign season when some candidates are looking for a handy target. Very … Read More.

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