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Continental Airlines: A New Beginning – Old Memories

By Dr. Richard Kelley This past week, as the world focused on protests in the streets of many major cities, the extremely serious sovereign debt crisis in the euro-based economies and the bankruptcy of the parent corporation of American Airlines, … Read More.

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APEC 2011 – An Outstanding Success!

By Dr. Richard Kelley As the last caravan of black limos surrounded by blue-light-flashing police escort vehicles headed for Honolulu International Airport, and as the barricades tracing along Saratoga Avenue and around Ft. De Russy are lifted onto trucks and … Read More.


APEC 2011 – The Properties’ Perspective

Outrigger Reef on the Beach “The Russians Are Coming!” By Bill Comstock Yes, there were moments of excitement during APEC 2011: the President’s motorcade passing the hotel, streets closed with soldiers on the corners armed with some pretty impressive firepower, … Read More.

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APEC Is Here!

By Dr. Richard Kelley This is the week everyone in Hawai‘i has been waiting for – some eagerly, others with apprehension – since the plan to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Waikīkī was announced two years ago. … Read More.

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Thoughts on China’s Economy and Tourism Markets

By Dr. Richard Kelley The high-level Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Waikīkī beginning November 7 will bring a great deal of focus on the huge importance of the Asia-Pacific area in today’s global economy. Among the 21 nations – … Read More.

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Outrigger Extends Welcome to Media Group from Guangzhou, China

By Nancy Daniels The November summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is fast approaching when more than 20,000 attendees and leaders from 21 member economies, including US President Barack Obama, will be in Hawai‘i for this important gathering. Read More.

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Labor Day 2011

By Dr. Richard Kelley This weekend, we celebrate Labor Day across the U.S. In addition to its salute to America’s working men and women, the holiday means the end of summer, the start of a new school year and the … Read More.

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“Kicking The Can” Also Kicks Tourism

By Dr. Richard Kelley When I was eight years old I enjoyed playing “Kick The Can” with the neighborhood kids in the streets near our temporary World War II home in Los Angeles. It was fun, and except for a … Read More.

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More Flights From Asia Possible If We Change the Rules

By Dr. Richard Kelley Last week I commented on the rapid economic growth in Asia and how this will change the global tourism market, particularly for Hawai‘i. To take advantage of this, we in the United States and Hawai‘i need … Read More.

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A wildlife biologist for NorthWestern Energy in Butte, Milodragovich has been monitoring osprey Read More.

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