Career Day at Embassy Suites® – Waikiki Beach Walk®

Front left: Karen Mashiba (Alumni of Campbell HS);  back left: Carol Lopes and students and teachers of Campbell High School

Front left: Karen Mashiba (Alumni of Campbell HS);
back left: Carol Lopes and students and teachers of Campbell High School

BY THE ESH ALAKA’I — The Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a Committee hosted a Career Day involving 5 teachers and 37 students from James Campbell High School so they could gain knowledge on career opportunities in the Hospitality Industry.

Each department head took the time to present information to the eager students, and we supplemented their school lunch with cookies, brownies, fruit and drinks.

Inquisitive students listened intently as presentations were given on hospitality, operations and Waikīkī’s history – our Sense of Place.

A tour of the hotel included all of operations, as well as a peek into our beautiful suites leaving the students in awe.

The Embassy Suites® - Waikiki Beach Walk® Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a Committee is honored to support James Campbell’s mission in providing a better environment for growth and a better quality of life for Hawai‘i’s people.

A few of the many notes of thanks from the students of James Campbell High School:

“Dear Embassy Suites ‘Ohana: Fantastic!I like how you recycle your food, freeze it and feed the leftovers to the pigs in Waianae. So professional your service and friendly people.” YOU ARE THE BEST! ~ Armando

“I enjoyed the tour of the hotel because I want to work there. I learned that without the staff being happy, you can’t really have a friendly attitude. I also learned that if you treat people with kindness they automatically have a first impression in 3 seconds or less.” – Brandon Merritt

“Thank you for the taking the time to meet with us. I enjoyed the information each hotel department presented. Your hotel definitely seems like an enjoyable place to work; the friendliness and enthusiasm each department had in the presentation greatly showed that. I also want to thank you for the valuable tips/advice you gave that could help with when we want to get a job. Overall, the experience was just wonderful and one I will not forget.” – note unsigned

Our Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a Hui thanks Carol Lopes and her daughter Leina‘ala Salausa (teacher) for coordinating this unique annual Career Day event.



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