Career Day at Embassy Suites® – Waikiki Beach Walk®

Career Day for these students from James Campbell High School

BY BOB YEOMAN — The Estate of James Campbell is one of Hawai‘i’s largest private landowners and administers the assets under the will of James Campbell for his heirs. The Estate’s major undertakings include the development of the City of Kapolei and the ownership of office, retail and industrial properties both in Hawai‘i and on the mainland.

The Estate strives to emulate James Campbell who believed in the wise stewardship of land. He knew that caring for the land’s resources wisely and efficiently would provide a better environment for growth and a better quality of life for Hawai‘i’s people.

His descendants today honor his memory and his wife Abigail by funding the James and Abigail Campbell Foundation. The Foundation has made many donations to various educational projects and to the school that bears James Campbell’s name.

The Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a Alaka‘i were pleased to host a Career Day with 6 teachers and 65 students from James Campbell High School so the students could learn about career opportunities in our industry.

Each department head presented information to the eager students and they were able to hear different perspectives about our industry, operations, the history of Waikīkī and Our Sense of Place.

A tour of the hotel as well as a peek into our beautiful suites left the students in awe.

Embassy Suites’ Alaka‘i were honored to support James Campbell’s mission by educating the next generation about our industry that is so vital to our state.

The following are a few of the many notes of thanks from the students of James Campbell High School:

“Dear Carol Lopes, for being the most fun housekeeper in that hotel. I would like to go back to the hotel because it was the nicest hotel I ever seen in Hawaii. Thank you, Shane”

“To: Karen Mashiba: What I liked was that you took time out to show us around the hotel. I also liked it when you showed us the engineering room. You showed us a lot of stuff and it was cool. You showed us the lifting room, suites, what you do, etc. Thank you for what you did for us. Thank you for telling us about engineering because I might do it. From: Darren”

“To Reid Yoshida: It was nice having you tell us about the money we could make in the hotel industry and the career and jobs. It sounds interesting. Hopefully I’ll work there someday! Thank you once again and it was nice meeting you! Have a great day :) – Leah”

“Dear Ms. Susan Koehler, Thank you for showing us the power point presentation on old fashioned sales, it told us a lot! Thank you for also sharing about the different types of groups that visit Oahu/Hawaiian Islands, that kind of showed us what kind of people are around us in the streets of Waikiki. I hope to go back to Embassy Suites and stay the weekend with my family. Much Mahalos, Chrislyn”

Our Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a Alaka‘i express our thanks to the following teachers, subs and Carol Lopes for their generosity in coordinating this unique Career Day event: Leina‘ala Salausa, Malia Andrus, Jennifer Gire, Laura Pebria, Mrs. Legaspi and Ms. Victoria.

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