“Local culture meets world-class hospitality,” indeed!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.56.44 AMBY LEA PANES — On Friday, March 4, the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort (OGM) proudly hosted “Connections within our Pacific Ocean,” an exhibit by the Guam Museum, Guam Council on Arts & Humanities Agency, and artists of Oceania.

March is Guam History and Chamorro Heritage month, known as Mes Chamorro (Chamorro Month). Island-wide events take place embracing our island’s cultural heritage and OGM is celebrating with a monthlong art exhibit in our lobby.

The exhibit showcases cultural pieces of the Chamorro people and other Pacific islands, showing their connection, in the spirit of the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts to be held May 22 to June 4 on Guam.

Four topics are featured in the exhibit:

NAVIGATING THE SEAS: Artifacts referencing the building of canoes and ocean voyages:

  • A model canoe of Saina, a 33-ft Chamorro Sakman, built on Guam in 2007 by the group TASI (Traditions About Seafaring Islands). The Saina crew based their construction on a blueprint from a document of Capt. George Anson’s expedition of 1742. The Saina sailed its maiden voyage to the island of Rota in 2009.
  • A donated woven hat, bag and ­ (conch shell) used by Master Navigator Ali from Yap.
  • A photo of Phillip Sablan and Master Navigator Mau Piailug, who was recruited by the Honolulu-based Polynesian Voyaging Society to teach members celestial navigation. He was instrumental in the voyage of the world famous Hokule‘a from Hawai‘i to Tahiti. Phillip had the great fortune of sailing with Mr. Pialug.

ESTABLISHING ROOTS:  Displays of dwellings

  • Chamorro hut pieces:
  •   hut built by Outrigger hosts
  •   hut in sculpted bone
  •   hut made of wood
  • Fijian bure (wood and straw hut)
  • Woodcarving of a Palauan Abai (meeting house)

HOLDING OUR TREASURES: Showcases purses and accessories made from various materials such as shells from land snails and coconut and pandanus leaves. Items represent the islands within Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia.

CREATING ART: Ancient and modern art pieces can be found in this collection. From woven fans, to tapa cloth and fabric art made from Guam’s pugua (betel nut) fiber, this exhibit is sure to inspire one’s creativity.

The Outrigger Guam Beach Resort has partnered with the floral arts committee of FESTPAC and seeks additional opportunities to be a part of this event that celebrates what Outrigger promises – “Local culture meets world-class hospitality.”


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