O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger Annual Temple Ceremony

By Kadek Agus Mulyawan

Bali has a rich spiritual legacy with a unique form of Hinduism permeating the very fabric of its culture. Ceremonies to purify and encourage harmonious relationships between the human world, the environment, and the world of the gods, are of great importance and take place regularly at temples around the island.

Employees prepare for the ceremonies

Employees prepare for the ceremonies

Purnama Sasih Kedasa is an annual religious ceremony that takes place during the tenth full-moon of the Balinese lunar calendar. This usually falls in the month of March, but can sometimes fall in April. This year, we celebrated Purnama Sasih Kedasa in conjunction with the second anniversary of O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger on 29 March 2010. All of the employees of the resort participated in the following traditional ceremonies:

Ngaturan Banten Pengoleman
(Notify the Master of Ceremonies)

During this ceremony, staff and villagers make their way to the village priest to ask him to be the Master of Ceremonies and perform the accompanying rituals.

The priest and his wife perform the ceremonial rituals

The priest and his wife perform the ceremonial rituals

Mendak Tirta Kayangan
(Collecting Holy Water)

For this ceremony, villagers and staff carry holy water and ritual tools to the temple. The holy water is ceremonially used to bless the resort and its employees and guests.

Piodalan Masekar Taman/Mepregembal
(Day of Ceremony)

Piodalan is a worship ceremony held in front of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Waça (God) in all his manifestations. The ceremony is dedicated to all living beings and sentient elements, and its purpose is to purify the resort premises and ensure harmony between the living and spirit worlds.

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