Outrigger Guam Beach Resort embraces Chamorro culture

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.52.48 PMBY JACQUELINE CARTER — Biba Mes Chamoru! Outrigger Guam Beach Resort (OGM) continues to celebrate Chamorro Month as guests learn traditional customs of the Chamorro people who today, make up about 37 percent of Guam’s population.

OGM’s recreation team, alongside the cultural group Inetnon Gef Pago, continues to coordinate cultural events all monthlong. Guests are welcomed to join a cultural dance lesson, coconut palm weaving or Chamorro hut building. The month concludes with a Chamorro fashion show showcasing ancient Chamorro clothing and ornamentation.

The cultural dance lesson is focused on the native dance of the Chamorro people. Guests learn to dance with traditional sticks held in each hand and taught to strike them in intricate patterns, known as the bailan pailitu, or “stick dance.”

Early Chamorro people were expert weavers and pottery-makers, evidenced in cultural artifacts and architecture that remain today. As weaving continues to be an important practice on Guam, guests are invited to learn the artistry of the craft. Various leaves and palms create items for the everyday life of the Chamorro culture. Guests are taught how to create their own palm woven fish attached to a palm “fishing rod” used as a toy, or more challenging creations such as flowers, stars, animals or baskets.

The Chamorro hut building activity highlights the traditional ancient housing of the Chamorro culture. Guests are provided the supplies of nature to creature their huts with bamboo, palm leaves and small latte stones.

As Outrigger Guam Beach Resort celebrates Mes Chamorro in spotlighting the native culture of the island, our guests embrace the celebration with us!

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