The Lion brings good luck

The Year of the Rooster was celebrated as the lion danced at Outrigger Hotels and Resorts.

Outrigger Guam Beach Resort — By Jacqueline Carter

The Chinese School of Guam annually celebrates Chinese New Year with the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort (OGM) by performing a lion dance symbolizing power, wisdom and good fortune.

The school recruits those ages 5 years and up of any nationality who are interested in learning Chinese. They provide an educational and dynamic program that offers teachings on lion, fan and Aboriginal dance, Chinese singing and musical performance.

The Chinese School of Guam performed a traditional lion dance throughout the resort accompanied by beating drums, clashing cymbals and the reverberating sound of gongs.

As part of the event, General Manager Steve Solberg performed the traditional custom of “cai qing” (plucking the green). During the dance, the lion plucks the offering of lettuce tied and hung on a pole. The lettuce is also tied with a red envelope symbolizing good luck and containing our donation to the school.

The lion danced curiously toward the green offering and red envelope, and began to “eat the green” and spit it out. The practice of this dance is meant to drive away “evil spirits” and bring happiness, longevity and good fortune to business.

As for Outrigger Guam Beach Resort, we are thankful for this wonderful lion dance performance and hope that its purpose holds true!

SB Lion5

OHANA® Waikiki East by Outrigger® — By Denise Torres

Feb. 1, hosts and guests gathered in front of the hotel to take part in the Chinese New Year celebration and experience a traditional lion dance by Wah Ngai Lion Dance Association. Red envelopes (symbolizing good luck) in outstretched arms were sure to satisfy the lion’s appetite.

The lion then led guests up to the Princess Kaiulani conference room where they were met by our Chinese hosts offering a variety of traditional foods, including a whole pig, handmade ornaments and Chinese calligraphy and artifacts. Hosts and guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere and opportunity to “talk story.”

Mahalo to Executive Housekeeper Yuet Oy (Ella) Au for her leadership in this festive tradition and to all our housekeeping hosts for their participation. You are a wonderful reflection of our company mission in providing distinctive hospitality.

Traditions and beliefs define us as individuals, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than together as hosts and guests.














Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort — By Robert McConnell

Hosts and guests enjoyed an exciting Chinese New Year celebration at the resort with the Sing Yung Dragon and Lion Dance Association.

Their traditional performance, both sounds and theatrics, created quite the stir as they snaked their way around the property.

Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort — By CJ Sword

At the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, guests and hosts were invited to the festivities that began with fireworks and blessings, thanks to a traditional lion dance by the Sing Yung Dragon and Lion Dance Association who roamed about the hotel. The purpose of the lion dance and fireworks is to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the New Year.

Activities were held in the Leahi 1 and 2 meeting rooms, including food sampling and Chinese calligraphy. Hosts demonstrated the art of making Jian Dui (deep-fried sesame balls with various fillings made with mochi flour and rolled in sesame seeds). The cooking process involves rolling the balls while frying, symbolizing the ongoing accumulation of fortune. The end result is a golden round ball that is said to look like a gold coin.

Kung Hee Fat Choy!

Embassy Suites by Hilton™ – Waikiki Beach Walk® — By Sheryl Tsugawa

The lions graced Embassy Suites by Hilton™ – Waikiki Beach Walk® with good luck for the 2017 year as they danced throughout the resort entertaining our guests and hosts.




Waikiki Beach Walk® — By Conchita Malaqui

Waikiki Beach Walk® welcomed the Year of the Rooster Feb. 4 with an exciting pole jumping performance by Sing Yung Dragon and Lion Dance Association, sponsored by Island Jewelry, Inc., and to the delight of hundreds of visitors.










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