Celebrating hosts of the fourth quarter 2016

BY ASHLEY CABRADILLA — Outrigger ohana gathered at the OHANA Waikiki East by Outrigger®, Jan. 18, to honor Hosts of the Quarter (HOQ) for the fourth quarter of 2016. Barbara Campbell, Bruce Schneider, Charlene Goo, David Carey, Paul Richardson, Sean Dee and department heads were on hand to extend congratulations and offer words of praise to all the distinguished honorees and nominees.

Congratulations to:

Adonis Lagoc | Entry Cleaner | KPR | Nominated by Donna King

Adonis is well-liked and respected by his coworkers at Kiahuna Plantation Resort Kauai by Outrigger® (KPR). He exemplifies the value of wahi (place) by taking good care of the property, resulting in scores for Market Metrix at 96.8 YTD. We recently had a nice comment from a guest who said, “Your employee Adonis Lagoc gave us excellent customer service. He was giving maintenance to our building and was extremely courteous and friendly.” Adonis covers about 36 buildings daily—sweeping and cleaning to keep the entries of all the units free of sand, leaves and other debris. He has a good eye for detail and is very conscientious of safety issues around the property, often reporting problem areas to protect our guests and hosts. A very hard worker, Adonis is always willing to step up to get the job done.

Anasovaia “Ana” Lagitukuwalu | F&B Attendant | FOR | Nominated by Sharon Naidu

Ana is an amazing host at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort with a smile that lights up a room. Her tireless attention to guests and her incredible and genuine warmth make her a guest favorite. Ana has been mentioned 77 times by guests on our feedback card in just this quarter alone! During an informal interview session, several food and beverage team members were questioned as to whom they admire a lot; the name on everyone’s lips was Ana, and it’s because of her supportive, generous and helpful nature that they all shadow her hoping her optimistic nature rubs off. All of her hard work and the enormous amount of guest feedback has led Ana to win Host of the Month for both October and November 2016. She was also recognized as Host of the Year 2016 first runner-up.

Antonio Rubi | Housekeeper II/PA | FBW | Nominated by Tereza Gapuzan

“Antone” lives the value of kinaole (flawlessness) by taking pride in whatever task is given him with a “can do” attitude and ensuring the task is done the right way, the first time. With kuleana (accountability), Antone inspects our units at Wyndham at Waikiki Beach Walk® to ensure all items of concern are addressed and suggesting ways to problem solve. He is our Wyndham inventory system expert ensuring stock room inventories are accurate and updated according to the system and daily use. If there is a discrepancy, he takes the initiative to correct it, bring attention to it and provide suggestions. Antone also inspects rooms and relieves runners, requiring him to stop his projects and multi-task. Still, he finds time for a friendly chat with guests which reflects the value of ‘ohana (family).

Catherine Bray | Sr. Acct., Retail | Co. Svcs. | Nominated by Lisa Asakura

In the retail leasing department, Cathy demonstrates a strong work ethic, often going the extra mile to complete her daily work and special projects with kinaole and kuleana. This past quarter, Cathy outdid herself. With a staff member on maternity leave, we decided to forego getting a temp for the six-week period, as Cathy was willing to spend the extra time to complete both her work and most of her coworker’s. She also assisted by pulling data for projects related to the KSL transaction. Cathy also has tenacity. While working to clear aged items from account reconciliations, she tracked down a tenant that vacated over 10 years ago to return their security deposit. In addition to her contributions at work, Cathy lives the value of Ao (to learn and to share) as she studies for the CPA exam in her “spare” time.

Eva Bumagat | Housekeeper | RBW | Nominated by Walter Tolentino

Eva is well-liked and trusted by her co-workers at Regency on Beachwalk Waikiki by Outrigger® and is able to work side-by-side with any team member. She is very organized, prompt and efficient, evident in her daily performance. When cleaning guest rooms, she puts herself in her “guest’s shoes” and cleans according to their needs while maintaining high standards. Eva reports discrepancies and follows through to ensure timely corrective action. She is always professional and treats our guests with kinaole and aloha. Eva had a guest who was particularly difficult and unfriendly: the room needed to be serviced at a certain time, towels had to be folded and placed a certain way, shoes and slippers had to be organized in a certain place, and every day, Eva had to bring the guest two boxes of laundry  and dish soap. She was determined to turn this guest’s attitude around and true to form she did! Eva is receptive to change, gives constructive suggestions and supports management decisions.

Jia Liang “Daniel” Ou | Housekeeper II/PA | HGH | Nominated by Jennifer Agdeppa

Dedicated, experienced, caring and trustworthy best describes Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations’ Daniel. He is a team player who guides the housekeeping department to success through his cooperation, professionalism, feedback and positive attitude. Daniel is the only housekeeping host at night. He successfully manages high guest and host demands in a timely manner while handling other assignments. At times, he must make quick decisions that are usually guided by management. His leadership is well-received because he is confident and proactive. He takes pride in his work, follows up and communicates. He exemplifies our values through his professionalism and eagerness to provide an outstanding guest experience. Daniel meets the demands of our operations, while servicing our guests in The Outrigger Way.

John Sakai | Bellperson | OBC | Nominated by Kyle Kawabata

John consistently demonstrates the value of kuleana at the Holiday Inn® Resort Waikiki Beachcomber (OBC). While others are talking story about their weekend, John is seen updating the day’s arrival list and prepping everything needed for the day’s events. He is a true professional, making sure each guest enjoys his or her time with us at the resort. Our Japanese guest service agent passed on a great email commending John for his politeness, and seeing guests off with a nice smile during their stay in November. Let’s just say John is like an offensive lineman in football; he does all the little stuff behind the scenes to make sure the team is successful, but doesn’t get the credit. So here is our way of saying although the little things may often go unnoticed, your contributions and efforts, John, make a big difference here at OBC. Mahalo!

Joshua Smith | Guest Services Representative | OEH | Nominated by Suzanne Lee

Joshua’s strong work ethic and dedication to his work are evident in the many positive comments we receive on TripAdvisor as well as Market Matrix for the OHANA Waikiki East by Outrigger®. Joshua loves to talk to our guests. His friendly personality, genuine smile and knowledge of the islands has helped many of our guests find their way around the island and experience good places to eat and sites to see. Guests constantly write about the great customer service they receive from Joshua. His knowledge and quick-thinking has helped many of our guests resolve their concerns and accommodate their needs. On several occasions, Joshua has been able to turn an upset guest into a return guest, even before they walk away from the front desk! Besides being a GSR, Josh also assists as manager on duty. His willingness to learn and improve has helped our front office operations tremendously.

Kapuanani Cameron | Bell Clerk | OWK | Nominated by Robert Uchida

Kapua has been recognized for her hard work and dedicated efforts in keeping the guest amenity program for our return guests and our honeymooners running smoothly at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. While our other full-time bell clerk was out unexpectedly, Kapua, without hesitation or concern, took the initiative to ensure our guest amenities were kept up-to-date, never skipping a beat. Aside from the amenity program, Kapua ran other department reports daily for the bell staff to be kept in the loop. Kapua is a true professional with a caring attitude and warm smile. She works well with other department hosts and enjoys communicating with her supervisors in daily operations of the front services department.

Kay Lee | Revenue Coordinator | ESH | Nominated by Linda Honma-Lacaran

Kinaole best describes Kay wholeheartedly! She works very hard to exceed expectations reflecting “flawlessness.” Kay is empathetic, thoughtful and compassionate. She goes out of her way to assist guests prior to arrival at the Embassy Suites by Hilton™ – Waikiki Beach Walk® and makes sure their requests are fulfilled without incident. Kay is the first person our guests communicate with through our EmbassySuites.com email address. Instead of referring guests with inquiries to other departments, Kay is a one-stop shop. She’ll research and reconfirm with all departments and then get back to the guest soon after. Return guests ask for Kay because she is reliable and anticipates their needs; they shower her with wonderful compliments. Kay is honest, trustworthy and respectful. In the past 10 years, she has called in sick only once. She willingly volunteers her time and talents to numerous Outrigger and Embassy initiatives. Kay represents what Outrigger stands for.  She treats others how she wants to be treated with our Ke Ano Waa values.

Kayo Mamaclay | Guest Services Rep | OMH | Nominated by So’o Tana

Kayo’s work ethic, attention to detail and knowledge have been crucial to our success at the OHANA Waikiki Malia by Outrigger®. She has received many compliments from both our English and Japanese-speaking guests on her guest service skills, cooperation and excellence in problem-solving. She has the gift of making everyone feel special and has contributed to the outstanding performance of the hotel in guest reviews and upgrade revenues. For example, Kayo observed a Japanese couple in the driveway; the woman was obviously distraught. Kayo immediately approached her and found that the guests were upset that they spent $600 on a package tour and the tour bus left without them. Kayo quickly contacted the tour company and 30 minutes later, another vehicle arrived to pick them up. Kayo followed up with the couple the next morning to be sure everything went well. The woman was so grateful; she thanked Kayo for her hard work and care. Kayo embodies our value of kinaole.

Keith Gushikuma | Guest Services Rep | WRG | Nominated by Joemar Lestino 

Keith consistently demonstrates both our Wyndham and Outrigger values at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki. He excels in our Count On Me values. He is a very reliable host, as he expresses a willingness to be flexible in his work schedule. In December, we had some staffing challenges. There were days when we were scrambling to find coverage because no one was available, except for Keith. He is always willing to come in and assist with schedule needs with very short notice. He would come in to work a B-shift on the same day that he just got off working a grave shift, with no complaint. He is always on time and never calls in sick. Keith also speaks Japanese and treats our Japanese guests and owners with care and aloha. He exemplifies Ao as he teaches our staff Japanese words and phrases, as well as Japanese culture to help them better understand our Japanese owners and guests. He also ensures our hotel Information Japanese translation packet is up-to-date.

Khun Pongsak Sukhotu  | Guest Service Agent | TLR | Nominated by Sukanya Somphan

Khun Au is a valuable and dedicated host at the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort. We have had the honor of having Khun Au a part of our Outrigger family for three years. In that time, especially this last quarter, he has really excelled in his role as host. He always demonstrates a friendly, positive and professional demeanor with service top of mind. Khun Au strives to achieve team and individual results, as well as to continue his commitment to growing his knowledge in various projects and assignments. He willingly helps others and always works well with other departments. He is often recognized by guests for his helpful and genuine interaction and service. We are extremely proud of him and greatly appreciate his efforts and commitment. We look forward to seeing him continue his career advancement and subsequent success.

Leigh-Ann Bulseco | Operations Admin | ORF | Nominated by Janice Shizumura

With a new area general manager, the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort ops team required more attention as we made adjustments to new leadership. Leigh has been the center of information, helping to keep the property in routine yet guiding our new leader, Clyde, through our processes and familiarizing him with hosts throughout the company. In the process, Leigh shared historical background information to help Clyde gain perspective on understanding issues and making decisions; brought to his attention hosts who deserved special recognition; and advised him when his presence would be most meaningful. She also prepared the ORF application for the TripAdvisor Green Business Program; coordinated a beachfront 2017 budget presentation/learning session; initiated a Birthday Card Picture contest; distributed a list of critical deadlines to department heads; and helped coordinate a community service at Hookuaaina.

Revelyn Tugas | Housekeeper | NSR | Nominated by Norman Runyan and Mildred Vicerra 

Revie has been with Napili Shores Maui by Outrigger® for over 21 years in the housekeeping department. She can always be depended on to pull her weight with the many demands of the department. Revie has good attendance and is always willing to adjust her schedule to meet the needs of the business, is a great team player and the first one to help her teammates. We have numerous return guests who request Revie to service their room when visiting Napili Shores, and she does so with determination to make their stay wonderful. Revie can always be depended on during our busiest times and is very conscientious about doing things right and pleasing our guests. We are fortunate to have Revie on our team for all these years. Mahalo, Revie, for always putting our guests first and for performing at such high standards.

Rhonda Zarychta | Reservations Agent | OMI | Nominated by Kelly Smallwood

Rhonda consistently displays Outrigger’s values at our Global Contact Center. She displays Ao by striving to learn and share best practice tips with the team. Rhonda is consistently upbeat and open to try new techniques and approaches. She creates a sense of “openness” when it comes to learning, sharing and encouraging hosts to grow and share their knowledge, in order to meet their individual goals and established KPIs. Rhonda proactively reaches out and takes next steps in order to resolve and communicate any escalated issue, whether working with hosts to resolve a guest issue or troubleshooting technical issues they may be experiencing. Rhonda recently assisted in training our wholesale hosts on GHA Discovery, where they learned how to process new enrollments via Opera V5 in addition to the retail enrollment/booking process. She also took the lead to train our backup contingency plan for wholesale utilizing Opera V5.

Teribeth “Malia” Ching  |  Maint/Hskpg Clerk | RSC | Nominated by Carol Hanna

Malia holds a very important position at Royal Sea Cliff Kona by Outrigger® as her time is divided between housekeeping and maintenance; owners in the Vacation Rental program; AOAO projects and inventories; administrative purchasing and accounting responsibilities; lost and found tracking and returns; and safety tracking. We are recognizing Malia not only for successfully juggling all of these balls, but also because Malia is the person we turn to for the extracurricular, creative, fun things that we enjoy. For example, who made all of the props for our holiday party photo shoot booth?  Who made all of the play gaming tables and extra scenery props for our Las Vegas night during Housekeeping Week? Who transformed a regular guest room into a haunted house on Halloween? The answer? Malia!

Timothy Akao  |  Front Desk Clerk | KHR | Nominated by Ana Katrina Bermoro 

Tim demonstrates an admirable work ethic and great customer service at the Kona Hawaiian Resort. He is accountable, respectful and a team player. His strong commitment to going above and beyond the call of duty to service our Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort owners and guests is apparent. One night, our guests had come down to the front desk around 11 p.m. and told Tim they were locked out of their unit. At that time of night, being the only staff member on property, Tim took it upon himself to escort the guests back to their unit and unlock the door (Security kept post until he returned). The next morning, the guests came down to see Tim’s supervisor to express their gratitude for the extraordinary service he provided.

Congratulations to our HOQ nominees: Agatha Boo Wol Kim, Belinda Domingo, Brigitte Sewdat, Bryant Lagasca, Cary Murayama, Cassel Kanahele, Correy Naumu, Estrelita Untalan, Fernando Constantino, Hui Lun Weng, Jennelyn Macugay, Jettson Hew, Jian Guo Xu, Julia Hara, Lazar Bogdanovski, Maria Henedina Fermin, Renee Kiyono-Taniguchi Roberto Viloria, Valentino Talosa, Victoria Tapiceria and Yoke Sasaki.

*Positions and properties listed are where hosts are currently employed.
Front: Yoke Sasaki, Kayo Mamaclay, Eva Bumagat, Maria Henedina Fermin, Estrelita Untalan, Kay Lee,  Cathy Bray, Kapuanani Cameron Back: Antonio Rubi, Jian Guo Xu, Lazar Bogdanovski, Daniel Ou, Cassel Kanahele, Keith Gushikuma,  Joshua Smith, Julia Hara, Renee Kiyono-Taniguchi, Leigh Bulseco, Brigitte Sewdat, Agatha Boo Wol Kim, Roberto Viloria and Belinda Domingo

Front: Yoke Sasaki, Kayo Mamaclay, Eva Bumagat, Maria Henedina Fermin, Estrelita Untalan, Kay Lee, Cathy Bray, Kapuanani Cameron. Back: Antonio Rubi, Jian Guo Xu, Lazar Bogdanovski, Daniel Ou, Cassel Kanahele, Keith Gushikuma, Joshua Smith, Julia Hara, Renee Kiyono-Taniguchi, Leigh Bulseco, Brigitte Sewdat, Agatha Boo Wol Kim, Roberto Viloria and Belinda Domingo












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