Cupid hits the mark at Outrigger Guam Beach Resort

BY JACQUELINE CARTER — “Silebrasion Guinaiya yan Uma’tungo” — In celebration of love and relationships, the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort held a Vow Renewal Ceremony on Valentine’s Day, inspired by the Chamorro culture of the island. We collaborated with cultural dance group Intenon Gef Pago to coordinate the event led by their cultural practitioner Joe Chris Garrido.

Guest couples gathered in the lobby and were escorted to the beach side of the lower Kanton Tasi Terrace by our recreation attendants, who adorned the lovebirds with shell necklace and flower lei. The sound of conch shells signaled the commencement of the ceremony as guests walked along a pathway scattered with orchid petals. Upon arrival, a photo booth provided opportunity to capture the memory. Cultural practitioner Joe Chris Garrido gave a Chamorro blessing and performed the exchange of vows under a beautiful bamboo arch. Vows were spoken in Chamorro and translated to English for guests to repeat. Dancers rubbed coconut oil on the hands of the couples, a local tradition that honors love, to conclude the exchange of vows.

A dance performance by Inenton Gef Pago and a small reception were held with Champagne and tasty finger food concluding the celebration. Couples received a sweet giveaway and a Vow Renewal Certificate in remembrance of their experience on our beautiful island.




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