Fiesta at OGM’s Che’lus’ Café

BY LEA PANES — Biba Mes Chamorro (Guam History & Cultural Heritage Month) comes to an end but for hosts at the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort (OGM), celebrating culture and each other is ongoing.

We celebrated Mes Chamorro with two key ingredients that make up Guam’s culture, “Family & Food – Fiesta style.” The celebration emphasized that the Inafa’maolek spirit thrives at Outrigger in all that we do. In this case, we celebrated the value Minagof (Happiness) … we rejoice everyday as we reach our goals, celebrate our accomplishments, and share our happiness with all.

Our kitchen team created a menu of foods traditionally found on the table during celebrations on island. There was chicken corn soup, kelaguen (marinated cooked chicken) with titiyas (tortilla), red rice, pancit, grilled short ribs and chicken. And to top it off, calamai (corn pudding), latiya (vanilla custard on spongecake), cassava cake and champorado (chocolate rice porridge).





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