FOR Monthly Get Together

BY UNA MURRAY — The Outrigger on the Lagoon – Fiji (FOR) vuvale (family) gathered recently to honor outstanding employees for the month of April. Masters of Ceremony were Assistant Housekeeping Manager Lavenia Lalanavanua and Food & Beverage Manager Eddie Liwaiono.


Chief Butler Koroi Suguta opened the gathering with a beautiful prayer, and General Manager Peter Hopgood welcomed and thanked everyone for their dedication and hard work over the past month. Peter had just returned from a trip where he attended Outrigger’s Po‘okela Awards and congratulated FOR’s three award recipients: Kini Sarai, Tepola Natadra and Praveena Dewan and said that everyone in Hawai‘i sends their best wishes to them. He explained that he reciprocated with FOR’s best wishes and Bula greetings. Peter talked about his trip which also included Australia where he visited with travel agents who said their clients are looking forward to visiting Fiji and especially FOR. He thanked the staff who worked during the flood last month, especially those staff villagers who were personally affected. Peter announced the Sand Masters show that will air on May 5 starring Kini Sarai!

Lavenia and Eddie were pleased to announce April’s exemplary employees:

Front of the House

Ashwin Chand (Porter)

“Always willing to help the situation very positively, worked round the clock during the floods. He covered for his colleagues who were not able to come to work.”

Back of the House

Josevata Boseiwaqa (Grounds Assistant)

“Working hard weeding and beautifying the gardens at all times. He is a good team player who ensures his work is complete before he goes home. Even after stubborn weather, the gardens still look immaculate because of Josevata’s care.”

Manager of the Month

Salote Bali (Guest Service Manager)

“Recognized for her commitment to care for our guests who were stranded during the recent floods, her operation of the information centre and the late hours she worked.”

Here to Help

Mere Thaggard (Kalokalo Bar Assistant)

“Excellent customer service skills. Her Bula smile and upsell techniques always bring guests back to the Kalokalo.”

How Can I Help

Anoop Singh (Chief Steward)

“This gentleman is a silent achiever. His contribution during the flooding was immeasurable. He continued working long hours throughout the weekend doing much with little fanfare.”

The program concluded with the Heads or Tails competition and afternoon tea and sweets.

Masters of Ceremony Lavenia Lalanavanua and Eddie Liwaiono

Back of House recipient Josevata Boseiwaqa; Manager of the Month Salote Bali; General Manager Peter Hopgood; Here to Help recipient Mere Thaggard and Front of House recipient Ashwin Chand

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