OHANA Waikiki Malia by Outrigger kicks off 2016 Outrigger Way Four Paddles

Alvina Leon, Dennis Nakachi, Salvador Antonio, Amante Castro,  Ken Asato, Herb Fernandez and Peter Nonales

Alvina Leon, Dennis Nakachi, Salvador Antonio, Amante Castro, Ken Asato, Herb Fernandez and Peter Nonales

BY AMANTE CASTRO — The Alaka‘i of the Malia ‘ohana came up with a meaningful activity to celebrate Paddle 1, with Our Values As Our Guide. The objective is to energize 2016 by revisiting, reinforcing and recommitting to our core values. For the next four weeks, each department, assigned two core values, is to demonstrate how they care for another department to boost and energize their spirits, while reminding each other of The Outrigger Way of caring for one another by continuing to do a job well. This is one of the ultimate reasons we work with today and every day.  

Front desk hosts presented their appreciation to the maintenance department during our morning housekeeping briefing, and I was honored to present the activity. I first quoted the values Kīnā‘ole (flawlessness) and Kaulike (equality) from memory as an example of one of our goals to memorize each value. I explained that Kīnā‘ole is the essence of our business operations. We, as hosts, create memorable hospitality experiences, and when we are successful, we exceed expectations. Once again how fortunate we are to be part of the Outrigger ‘ohana!

Kaulike embodies the foundation of how we interact with each other, no matter the job title. Equality is treating each other equally always, with Kīnā‘ole.

Our maintenance department is an excellent example of these two values. They keep our building well maintained. They make sure everything is in working condition so our guests have a safe place to stay and our hosts have a safe area to work. Based on the guest comments for this quarter, our maintenance department has a rating of “Excellent!”

I then took this opportunity to thank them for a few specific things they have done for the front office.

  • The reorganization of our back office
  • The back office personalized lockers
  • Helping us put up our memo boards

All of this was done in the spirit of generosity.

I then called up Alvina Leon, guest services representative, to say a few words about her appreciation for the maintenance department. She eloquently expressed her sincere appreciation for all they do because it makes her job so much more enjoyable. To be able to service our guests and check them into a problem-free room is something not to be taken lightly. And whenever she has to call in a problem, she can rest assured that it is handled properly and timely.

I then read a note written by Pam Milligan, guest services representative, who was manning the front desk at the time. “Thank you for responding so quickly whenever you get a call, no matter what you are doing. It is such a pleasure to work together to meet our guests’ needs. Thank you, maintenance, for ALL YOU do.”

I came across this written by Kevin FitzMaurice that I wanted to share.

Do the Absolute Right Thing Anyway

  1. Do the right thing and people will accuse you of  doing the wrong thing. Do the right thing anyway.
  2. People may never forgive you for helping them. Do the right thing for them anyway.
  3. People will damn you for failing and succeeding. Do the right thing by struggling to succeed anyway.
  4. People will damn you no matter what you do. Do the right thing anyway.
  5. People will do the wrong thing to you. Do the right thing for them anyway.
  6. People will doubt your best dreams. Do the right thing and dream anyway.
  7. People will forget your help and claim they helped themselves. Do the right thing and help them anyway.
  8. People will misunderstand your intentions and motives. Do the right thing anyway.
  9. People will steal your ideas and take credit for work. Do the right thing and contribute anyway.


That list was food for thought for all our hosts. I then asked our maintenance department to come up and receive a certificate of appreciation from the front office. With the certificate, we also gave them breakfast bentos to enjoy that morning.

What a heartwarming briefing this was! There was certainly a spirit of love and aloha flowing throughout as we gave our final round of applause and everyone went off to continue to live our values in their workday.


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