Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort summer fun

BY SONIA HORTENSE — Summer beach party

On the 12th and 13th of December, Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort hosts helped clean up one of the most populated beaches in Mauritius, St Felix, in preparation for a summer beach party.

As the DJ was setting up, the buses began to arrive with droves of hosts clad in beachwear eager for some fun in the sun with their fellow team. Various beach games were organized like tug-of-war, bocce ball and relays. Where there are games, there are also gifts that delighted everyone. Hand in hand, hosts arranged a delicious barbecue lunch followed by dancing on the sand.

Family day

Thursday 15th December 2016 was a special day for Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort hosts and their families. Management organized a pleasant family day at ‘Chazal.’ Games and activities like face painting, jumping castle and fishing delighted both young and old. A kids’ buffet was enjoyed followed by a magic show that captured everyone’s attention and incited imagination.



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