OHANA Waikiki Malia—Sharing Who We Are

By Nora Weatherwax

On Tuesday, July 12, members of the OHANA Waikiki Malia got together to celebrate Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a, Paddle 1, “Celebrating Who We Are.” During the weeks prior, each employee was given a paper plate to share “what they do in their leisure time.” To start things off, we created a couple of sample plates. One was a shopping scene, with the employee dressed in a Barbie doll dress with the employee’s face above the dress. Another was a beach scene with the employee and her family pictured on beach chairs, complete with sand and seashells. We started in June, and everyday we would look forward to seeing new plates added to our Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a board.

On the day of our celebration, we surprised our ‘ohana with a contest. The best five plates were chosen. And what would a celebration be without food! From the Philippines, we enjoyed Chicharon and Halo Halo; from Korea, Kal Bi, rice cake, mochi, fruit, and five different kinds of kim chee; from China, Roast duck, chow mein with char siu, rice, and custard tarts; and from America, fried chicken wings and watermelon.

We learned so much about one another —what we like to do, what we like to eat. It was a great celebration in all!

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