Embassy Suites® – Waikiki Beach Walk® Recycles TVs and Dressers

By Kat Reese

To meet current brand standards at Embassy Suites®, Hilton Worldwide’s Product Improvement Plan (PIP) requires installation of new 37” LCD TVs in each suite parlor and bedroom. That’s a total of 806 new TVs! What to do with 806 existing 26” flat screen TVs was a question for the Projects department. Based on past history when Projects would move new furniture into a hotel, remove the old furniture and install it in another hotel, it didn’t take long before we found hotels in the ‘ohana in need of some new TVs. The OHANA Waikiki West, OHANA Waikiki East and OHANA Waikiki Malia hotels were eager to purchase the 26” flat screen TVs which are an upgrade from what they currently have.  



Another requirement of the PIP was to place the new 37” TVs on a granite countertop. By cutting the edges off the existing wood dressers, Projects designed a granite countertop that would fit right over the top. Having the granite countertops fabricated in China is extremely cost effective. A sample top is always ordered just to make sure it will fit properly before the entire order is placed. The result, as you can see from the photo, is a beautiful upgraded look!

Recycling bottles and cans is one thing, but recycling just about everything has always been part of Outrigger Hotels’ philosophy way before it became fashionable!

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