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Singaporean media meet the real ‘Kaiviti’ (Aboriginal Fijian)

BY DONNA PARKIN — A safari up the Sigatoka River to visit authentic Fijian villages was one of the highlights of a visit to Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort and Castaway Island, Fiji by a media group from Singapore representing Sethlui.com … Read More.

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Australian travel writers experience “the works” in Fiji

BY DONNA PARKIN — It was a blend of culture, community tourism and South Pacific resort activities for Australian travel writers who joined me for a recent media visit to Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort (FOR) and Castaway Island, Fiji (FCI). Read More.

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Honesty rewarded at Castaway

BY DONNA PARKIN — “Honesty isn’t simply the best policy, it’s the only way to build a successful organization,” said Halley Bock, president and CEO of Fierce, INC, a global leadership development and training company. Read More.

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Host Announcements

BY DARREN EDMONSTONE – I am pleased to join Human Resources in welcoming Jennifer Obregon as director of human resources for the Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort and Meli Titoko as the sales and marketing manager for Castaway Island, Fiji to the … Read More.

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Fiji properties recovering rapidly

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — I am happy to report that our two Fiji properties are recovering rapidly from the devastating effects of Cyclone Winston, the Category 5 (maximum strength!) storm that roared across that island nation over the weekend … Read More.

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Beachfront farewell as Castaway Island, Fiji culinary star leaves for chefs challenge

BY DONNA PARKIN — Castaway Island, Fiji hosts gathered on the beach and sang a traditional farewell song to Chef De Partie Rohit Vishal Singh as he left the island to represent Fiji in a regional chefs challenge in Auckland, … Read More.

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Host announcements

BY RUTHANN YAMANAKA AND DARREN EDMONSTONE — I am pleased to join Human Resources in welcoming Sanna Pettersson to the Australian Regional Sales and Marketing Office in Sydney and in announcing promotions in corporate human resources for Kaipo Ho, Pila … Read More.

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Sea Grape Harvest for Los Angeles travel editor on Castaway Island, Fiji

BY DONNA PARKIN — Ken Shapiro, the Los Angeles-based editor in chief of Travel Age West, and his daughter Sally are already planning a return to Castaway Island, Fiji after a recent visit. Read More.

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UK family’s three generations find joy with Outrigger Resorts Fiji

BY DONNA PARKIN — Three generations of the Swanick family from the United Kingdom descended on Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort and Castaway Island, Fiji in December. The family, nine-strong, was led by grand matriarch Val Swanick, who celebrated her 73rd … Read More.

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Kaukahi is live in Fiji!

BY THE KAUKAHI STEERING COMMITTEE — On behalf of all the hardworking Fiji ‘ohana in Finance and Information Technologies (IT), our corporate project team and IT team, the Outrigger Kaukahi Steering Committee is proud to announce that we are live … Read More.

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