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More Founders Day ‘fotos’

BY KATHY FOLEY — Last week we published pictures of Founders Day activities and events happening at our properties; they keep comin’! Enjoy! Read More.

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Founders Day photos

BY DR. CHUCK KELLEY — Last week Dr. Richard Kelley reviewed Outrigger’s history and our company’s humble beginnings in Waikiki in 1947. This week, on Sept. 29th, we celebrated Founders Day around the globe. Hosts everywhere took a few minutes … Read More.


Founders Day

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — In a 1676 letter to scientist and architect Robert Hooke, renowned English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton, who ranks with Albert Einstein as one of the greatest scientific geniuses in human history, modestly minimized … Read More.

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Founders’ Day

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — This past Monday, September 29, was a day for many activities throughout our company as we gathered to honor Roy and Estelle Kelley in the first annual celebration of Founders’ Day. The date is, or … Read More.

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