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Wyndham Royal Garden at Waikiki embraces ‘Ohana and Wahi

BY WINDY SEGUANCIA  — Beauty at its best is how we describe Hanauma Bay. Known for its snorkeling, swimming or simply sunbathing, Hanauma Bay is also a marine-life conservation park. The bay was formed within a volcanic cone and today … Read More.

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2016 Four Paddles Process is underway!

BY KAIPO HO — One of the first tunes I learned to strum on the ukulele back in elementary school was a song called “One Paddle, Two Paddle,” composed in the early 60s by famed local singer-songwriter Kuiokalani Lee. My … Read More.

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Adopt a Fish at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

BY CJ SWORD — For over two years, guests of the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort have had an opportunity to “adopt a fish” during their stay. This activity provides fun for the whole family while teaching some of our Hawaiian … Read More.

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Hospitality and communication skills more important than ever

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — During the lifetimes of our founders, Roy and Estelle Kelley, all of our company’s operations were located in Waikīkī and my father, in particular, practiced MBWA (Management By Walking Around). He would walk in to … Read More.

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The honor in being a host – An Outrigger host

BY KAIPO HO — It was heartwarming to view the national news coverage of President and Mrs. Obama proudly welcoming Pope Francis to the United States. I was also emotionally touched at scenes of thousands of onlookers from around the … Read More.

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Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort bids aloha to PVS crew

BY PIETER VAN DER HOEVEN — Wednesday, Sept. 16, Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort (MOR) hosts were blessed to be a part of moving ceremony that brought closure to the most recent leg of Hokulea’s Worldwide Voyage. Read More.

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Learning and sharing The Outrigger Way

BY DR. CHUCK KELLEY AND PILA HANSON – A‘o, “Learn and Share,” one of the eight values in Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a, The Outrigger Way, inspires us to create opportunities for learning and empowerment. At Outrigger, we are dedicated not only to … Read More.

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EKUVERIYA – Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort

BY ALAN DARR — At the end of June, Kaipo Ho and I had the opportunity to visit our newest property, the Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, scheduled to open August 1.  The host population at the resort is made up … Read More.

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Honoring hosts of the second quarter 2015

BY ASHLEY CABRADILLA — This past Wednesday, we recognized star performers for the second quarter of 2015. The OHANA Waikiki East was the venue for our Host of the Quarter (formerly Employee of the Quarter) celebration with Alan White, Bitsy … Read More.

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Caring for our guests in The Outrigger Way

BY KAIPO HO — Outrigger’s tradition of welcoming guests with warmth and generosity began in 1947 when Roy and Estelle Kelley opened their first hotel, the Islander Hotel, in Waikīkī. Today, Outrigger’s hospitality is culturally diverse and our welcome is … Read More.

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