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Celebrating a Blast from the Past

BY ASHLEY CABRADILLA — “What school you grad? Oh…you know my auntie’s sistah’s cousin?” Where one attends high school is a lifetime resume to opening doors in Hawai‘i. Read More.

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“Celebrating Who We Are” the Malia Way

BY AMANTE CASTRO — The OHANA Waikiki Malia Hotel celebrated a year of triumph in 2011, as we completed our Six Paddles process with flying colors earning the coveted Stargazer Award. Read More.

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2011 Po‘okela Awards Excellence in Leadership

BY RUTHANN YAMANAKA — Outrigger’s dedicated and talented employees create the Company’s special hospitality for our guests and our own ‘ohana. In appreciation of their many accomplishments throughout 2011, we were pleased to honor over 139 employees who were nominated … Read More.

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Aussie Mateship Awards

By Gavan Conway Earlier this year employees in Australia developed “Mateship Values” to complement Outrigger’s Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a values. Our Mateship values are all about being there for each other, and helping your mate. To celebrate the introduction of “Mateship,” employees … Read More.

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Paddle 4 at the Holiday Inn© Waikiki Beachcomber Resort

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” By Darnell Zablan In keeping up with the holiday season and the Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a paddle process, the Holiday Inn© Waikiki Beachcomber Resort celebrated Paddle 4 – “Celebrating Why We Do What We … Read More.

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Celebrating the Harvest

By Terri Escritor This past Wednesday, Company Services celebrated Paddle 3 (What We Do) and Paddle 4 (Why We Do What We Do) with a fun-filled afternoon of games, desserts and camaraderie. Read More.

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Our Canoe Moves Forward

By Maile Okuma The OHANA Waikiki East Alaka‘i team still beams with pride and honor as we reflect back to May 25, 2011, “The Outrigger Way” Paddle Awards Ceremony, when we received the Star Gazer Level award. It stirs us … Read More.

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Our “Sweet Ending” Celebration

By Natalie Caceres The Holiday Inn® Waikiki Beachcomber Resort celebrated the conclusion of the 6 Paddles Process on July 13 with a “sweet ending!” “This was a celebration of our individual and collective achievements…our employees work so hard every day, … Read More.

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OHANA Waikiki Malia—Sharing Who We Are

By Nora Weatherwax On Tuesday, July 12, members of the OHANA Waikiki Malia got together to celebrate Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a, Paddle 1, “Celebrating Who We Are.” During the weeks prior, each employee was given a paper plate to share “what … Read More.

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A Multicultural Celebration at Outrigger Twin Towns Resort

By Leah Matters The team at Outrigger Twin Towns Resort recently celebrated Multicultural Day in honour of our Outrigger value Wahi – sense of place. We were very fortunate to have two special guests, Kaipo Ho and Marsha Kapu, join … Read More.

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