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Storms vs. travel

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — As I sat down to write this week’s message to the Outrigger ‘ohana, our CEO, David Carey, was on a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, Korea, and then home to Honolulu. He was lucky … Read More.

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Golden Minutes

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — We are in the middle of the summer travel season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter season in the southern half of Planet Earth. Worldwide, millions of people are on the move seeking new … Read More.

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Massive Flight Cancellations Continue

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — Winter travel in the Northern Hemisphere can always pose a problem, but it looks as if 2014 will go down in the record books. Europe, Asia and North America have all experienced unbelievable numbers of … Read More.

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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

BY DR. RICHARD KELLEY — During the past two weeks, my wife Linda and I have been traveling in England and, as usual, I learned a great deal about our industry by experiencing what it is like to be on … Read More.

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