Outrigger Kicks off the Build and Configuration Phase of the JDE Replacement Project

BY THE OUTRIGGER JDE STEERING COMMITTEE — Thursday, May 17, 2012 marked the official kickoff of the Build and Configuration Phase of Outrigger’s JDE Replacement Project. Members of Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT departments gathered together to hear the “game plan” for this very important next phase. In his opening remarks, President and CEO David Carey emphasized the importance of this project to Outrigger. The new system will enable Accounting, Finance and HR to streamline processes, maintain accuracy standards and reduce complexity — helping to better serve both our internal and external customers. He also encouraged everyone to remember that the end result will be worth all the extra work and effort along the way. Our Project Implementation partner SYSTIME, presented a Project Strategy Workshop, which was followed by a presentation on Project Management and Governance. Finally, the attendees reviewed a Master Project Plan so that everyone involved understands what resources, time and effort are needed in the upcoming weeks and months. The kickoff meeting was followed by a lunch to celebrate the completion of the Define and Design Phase and the beginning of the Build and Configuration Phase. Everyone is excited to move into the next phase of this project and to get their hands on the new system! Stay tuned for more updates!If you have any questions or concerns about this project, you can either drop off a note in the JDE Project Suggestion Box located in the Learning Center, or send an email to jde.enterpriseone@outrigger.com.

Kimo Miguel and Kaipo Ho kick off the project the Outrigger Way

Our SYSTIME and NOI Partners - Front: Jo Ann Perry, Haris Farooq, Ray Lebrun, Ashish Kalawadia, Ashwin Patwa and John Kim Back: Anil Sinha, Claire DeWitt, B Kumar, Berges Fitter, Madhur Kansal, Kailash Makhija, Donzil Pinto and Tama Huang

Finance & Accounting Team

Finance & Accounting Team

IT Team

HR Team

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