Celebrating One Another

By Kathy Foley

Company Services celebrated the culmination of Paddle 5 of our Six-Paddle process, Celebrating How We Do What We do, on Friday, April 15, in a spring-themed gathering held in the OHANA Waikiki East Learning Center.

Over the past eight weeks, one of our Outrigger executives shared his or her personal perspective on a designated value in the Saturday Briefing. A weekly quiz was emailed to our Company Services ‘ohana referring to the value most recently featured in the Saturday Briefing. The quiz answers, plus a special bonus answer on what that particular value meant to that person, were submitted to the employee’s Alaka‘i, with completed entries qualifying for a small weekly prize drawing.

At the gathering, Kaipo Ho welcomed the crowd and expressed his gratitude for everyone’s efforts in the paddle process. He recounted our journey up to this point and thanked the Company Services Alaka‘i for their efforts to keep the paddles moving. In recognition that the last week of the Values of the Week represented ‘Aloha’, Char Luning announced the members of our own “Aloha Week” Court. Each person selected represented one of our eight Ke ‘Ano Wa‘a values and was chosen based on their answer to each week’s bonus question. Mahalo and congratulations to our Court!

Kīnā‘ole • Monica Kauhane
If you take pride in what you do and enjoy doing it, Kina‘ole comes naturally. When you enjoy what you do, you own it and want to get the best result for all parties involved, because it is such a wonderful feeling to see that you have impacted someone in a positive way. Most importantly, your actions are not for the public praise but rather for that good feeling inside.

Equality (Kaulike) • Chuck Shishido
Kaulike is a value that should be practiced 24/7 not just at work. It’s one of the key reasons why we have so many loyal, dedicated employees that have been with us for years.

A‘o • Antonio Reyes
A‘o/ Learning-Sharing means to me to strive to learn and (to) share it — to create a synergy.

Nā Mea Ho‘okipa • Marisa Sakamoto
It means being gracious and warm with family, friends, guests and even strangers and treating each person with genuine caring and aloha. It is showing hospitality and generosity of spirit and making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

‘Ohana • Ashley Cabradilla
When I first came to Outrigger, I was welcomed with warmth and open arms! To me, Outrigger is my second home. Therefore, my co-workers are like my second family. Here in the HRSC, we are always celebrating something; whether it’s a birthday, someone reaching a benchmark, someone accomplishing a personal goal (such as reach the finishing line of the Honolulu Marathon or passing the Immigration examination), or just celebrating a Tuesday. It just shows that we all care for each other, and we want to show our appreciation or show that someone else’s milestone is very important to us as well. Feeling like an ‘Ohana will not only help us grow, but will only make our bond and chemistry stronger, allowing us to work harmoniously and efficiently as we know we got each other’s back.

Wahi • PK Ka‘ahanui
My most special place is where our family often gathers to celebrate birthdays, special holidays, welcome new friends, watch our keiki play and enjoy good food with good friends and family.  It’s a place where we share our aloha for each other and give thanks for all our blessings. That special place is our family home!

Accountability (Kuleana) • Huyen Tran
To possess this quality of character, one must have courage, and that needs lots and lots of practice and discipline. Kuleana to me means taking my own action responsibly and accepting the consequences.

Aloha • Sharon Okada
Aloha is a word that conveys our people’s warmth, thoughtfulness, and care for others.  When I moved to Hawaii from Japan, I was touched by many people’s kindness.  I will always remember the “aloha spirit” extended to a girl who came to live in a foreign land – people literally took my hands to help me settle in!  Now, I hope I can touch other people’s lives with this significant value that is embedded in our local culture.

Each Court member was “crowned” with a specially made sash displaying their value and given a certificate of recognition, along with a mahalo box of chocolates (courtesy of Napua Ho).

A grand prize drawing was held with the names of all participants in our Value of the Week quiz activity. The more times one participated, the more chances to win! Congratulations to Gary Tachino and Sharon Okada!

Mahalo to our Alaka‘i who pulled together another successful paddle celebration, gathering our Company Services ‘ohana as one on a journey of self discovery and appreciation for what each one of us does for one another and for the company: Wendy Afuso, Danette Bolosan, Ashley Cabradilla, Terri Escritor, Kathy Foley, Kathy Hansberry, Napua Ho, Lorry Ijima-Sato, Audrey Lee, Char Luning, Michelle Paiaina-Makua, Crystal Salavea, and Chad Teramae.

Bring on Paddle 6!

Huyen Tran

Monica Kauhane, Chuck Shishido, Antonio Reyes, Marisa Sakamoto, Ashley Cabradilla, PK Kaahanui, (missing Huyen Tran), and Sharon Okada

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